The Body Detoxer 180 capsules (for up to 3 months) urine cleaner including free shipping
The Body Detoxer 180 capsules (for up to 3 months) urine cleaner including free shipping
The Body Detoxer 180 capsules (for up to 3 months) urine cleaner including free shipping

The Body Detoxer 180 capsules (for up to 3 months) urine cleaner including free shipping

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Finally there! The Body Detoxer in capsule form!

After the enormous success of The Body Detoxer in its liquid form, the manufacturer Geshlen went to great lengths and landed the next highlight!

Better, cheaper, more sustainable and also more pleasant to consume.

So that the whole thing works better, the product has been further developed and provided with a catalyst that helps to complete the build-up phase earlier.


Just imagine that the THC in your body is completely broken down within a few hours.

Impossible, THC can still be found in the urine for up to 6 weeks, you think? Not correct! It is possible! With the Body Detoxer from Geshlen it is possible to remove the breakdown products of THC from the body and to permanently receive a negative urine test, despite consumption.

You are now asking yourself: How does the Body Detoxer do it?

Very simple: The numerous minerals and trace elements of the Body Detoxer fill the fat cells of your body. After a while there is no more space for waste such as THC breakdown products. After the individual build-up phase, which takes a few days to several weeks depending on metabolism, body structure and consumer behavior, it is possible to excrete the THC from the body within a very short time after consumption. The build-up phase can be accelerated by taking 3x2 capsules daily. You should also drink 2-3 liters of water a day. Once you have reached this state, you can maintain it permanently with two capsules a day. From then on, you usually don't need to panic about controls and tests anymore. Of course, you shouldn't get tested after you've consumed. You should be sober again and wait between 12-24 hours before taking a test so that the active THC has already been eliminated from your body.

The editors fromGrow! Magazine and  THCENE were able to convince themselves of the effectiveness and were enthusiastic. The links to the articles can be found on the main page. New articles on capsule form will follow.

So it can work! Hundreds of customers whose lives we have made easier with the Body Detoxer can now confirm this.

The high-quality packaging contains 180 capsules of the Body Detoxer. After the build-up phase, two of them are simply taken daily with plenty of fluids.



The Body Detoxer is:

 made of 100% natural ingredients

  free of chemical additives

 free from artificial preservatives


  free from allergens

The Body Detoxer:

 accelerates and supports the natural detoxification of the body and promotes the regulation of the acid-base balance.

 might clean the urine of degradation products

  might contribute to increased well-being

  helps to stabilize the mineral balance, which can prevent a mineral deficiency.


One pack contains 180 capsules.  


Food supplement

Dietary supplements Nutritional values ​​* NRV **

Calcium 12.5mg (1.25%)

Potassium 16mg (0.4%)

Magnesium 6mg (1.6%)

* Per daily dose (2 capsules).

** Percentage of nutrient reference values ​​according to VO (EU) NO. 1169/2011.

Ingredients: potassium, calcium and magnesium

For further information on the product and application, please visit the manufacturer's website:


Notes: Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. The recommended consumption amount must not be exceeded.

Keep away from children. Shake before use.

For legal reasons, we may not make any health-related statements regarding the mode of action and areas of application of the ingredients. If you have any questions about the specific treatment of health complaints or illnesses, please ask your trusted doctor.

Warning: The BodyDetoxer - Urine Cleaner should not be taken before medical examinations, e.g. drug screening, as the results could be falsified.

Get yours today and start detoxing!