About us

Health trends have become increasingly prevalent in recent years. This creates new opportunities for consumers, but also challenges for providers: Offering high quality products at fair and affordable prices so that the masses can benefit from the benefits. We want to face these challenges and analyze the current market to find out what health-conscious people really need and how we can offer these products more efficiently, cheaply and with high quality. In addition, we offer transparency, quality and a trusting relationship with our customers.

Our mission is to advise you competently and independently and to offer added value for your body and soul. We are there for you so that you feel good and can go through life full of energy.

We are convinced to revolutionize the world of food supplements and natural products and to create a special benefit for our customers, which is why we founded Mosbay. Whenever you want to improve your quality of life, think of us and visit our shop.

Our team is there for you around the clock to answer your questions. Please contact us by mail: support@mosbay.com

We are certified dealer of Geshlen, with the revolutionary product: The Body Detoxer. More products are in planning and will be available here soon.