10x THC urine test strips - cannabis rapid test
10x THC urine test strips - cannabis rapid test

10x THC urine test strips - cannabis rapid test

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THC Urine-Teststrips


10x individually sealed test strips, desiccant in each package


THC is the primary active ingredient in cannabis (marijuana and hashish). The rapid drug test detects the inactive metabolite 11-Nor- ▲ 9 -THC-COOH. The result depends on the amount consumed and the prevalence. The quick test. In addition, the subject's morphology and metabolism play a role, as they have a direct effect on the elimination time of THC-COOH (molecules in adipose tissue that are released at a later point in time.



  • Ensure room temperature
  • Collect the urine in a clean container
  • Dip the test strip into the urine with the arrow pointing downwards up to the max mark
  • Leave the test strip immersed in the urine for about 10-15 seconds
  • Place the test strip on a non-absorbent surface with the test field facing up and wait 5-8 minutes.
  • Read the result in good time. After 10 minutes the result could be falsified. Align lines with the instructions



Dip the test strip in the urine or place three drops of urine on the test strip. After 5 minutes compare the result with the description of the picture on the packaging.


For the detection of THC - cannabinoids - cut-off: 50ng / ml in the urine.

CE Certified



10 individually welded test strips with desiccant

Instructions on the packaging


Warning notices:

  • Read the illustrated instructions on the packaging
  • Use externally only, do not use orally or swallow
  • Do not use after the expiration date
  • Do not open the packaging foil until you are ready to test.
  • Do not use tests with damaged foil or contents, the result could be falsified
  • Do not touch the test area of ​​the test strip
  • For single use, do not use multiple times
  • Nach Verwendung entsorgen
  • Keep out of reach of CHILDREN
  • Store at room temperature between 2 and 30 ° C