Factors influencing the effect of the Body Detoxer

The Body Detoxer is a complex of minerals and trace elements that regulates the acid-base balance of the body. By filling the fat cells in the body with these minerals and trace elements, the deposition of THC in body fat can be prevented and negative urine tests are possible. 

To achieve a filling of the fat cells, the body must therefore be supplied with enough minerals and trace elements. For people with a high body fat percentage, this naturally takes longer than for slim people. In addition, athletes have a higher consumption of minerals such as magnesium, which can also lead to a longer or more intensive build-up phase. 

Other mineral robbers are alcohol and sugar. Excessive consumption means that more minerals are consumed, which can disturb the build-up phase. But even if the person has certain diseases, this can lead to an excessive consumption of minerals. 

Therefore, it is important to eliminate as many interfering factors as possible and/or increase the dose for the shortest possible build-up phase. The team of Geshlen is at your disposal during your application time.