Get your license back with The Body Detoxer

The topic of MPU is an unpleasant matter and can be negative despite successful application of the Body Detoxer. There are only a few known cases that have made it with the Body Detoxer plus a strong reduction in consumption (not to zero) by MPU.

In contrast to the quick testers, whose measured value is 25-50 ng, an MPU is tested in the laboratory. There the measured value is 10 ng and is therefore much more sensitive than the quick test. So if you do your own quick test with 25 ng which is negative, there is a risk of failing the MPU at the same moment if the value in the urine is e.g. 15ng.

The Body Detoxer itself is in any case not detectable in the urine, because the ingredients are the body's own substances and no detectable chemicals are added.